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Anyone tried 4786 or 4826 in melts?


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I've read a lot of great things about 4786 being used in candles and it seems as though it has a wonderful hot throw. But those topics are buried deep in this forum - mostly back to the mid to late 2000s. I see it as "the forgotten wax," mainly because it's a 2-pour. Has anyone used it for melts alone or blended with another wax? I'm definitely gonna order a slab and test it, but I wanted to also hear from anyone who has tried it. Sounds like it was the go-to wax back in the day before 4627, 4630, & the J waxes came along. 


What about 4826? Lone Star sells it as a tart wax, but it has a MP of 140 so they really don't push it as a tart wax - they push 4794 when someone asks what to use for tarts/melts. Has anyone ever tried it? 140 is high to use alone, but I use 4625 with container waxes and it's a 142MP. Just wondering if it would be worth testing as my pillar/votive part of the mix, or should I not even bother with testing it?


Thanks to everyone for your input! Your opinions and knowledge has helped so many, and in so many ways. I hope soon that I'll be able to be one to give advice on here along with everyone else! ❤️

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