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Smoothing out candle


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I bought a very large m & s pillar candle. Having done research I cut the wick a bit. When I went to light it the wick went out very quickly.


Not having the brightest idea I tried to cut an inch or so of the candle all the way around to expose more wick. It did expose a good length in the end and the flame stays alive although not a great throw. I just think it’s particularly a very thin wick.


Tunneling has now occurred and I don’t think it helps that the surface of the candle isn’t flat due to me cutting it. 

Any suggestions how to level out the candle to try and get a decent burn?

Thankfully I only paid £5 for it off Facebook, but was £20 new.


many thanks 

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This sounds like the original candle was not wicked well.  

to flatten the top of a pillar I would use a hot plate to melt it smooth. Heat a hot flat surface, like a pancake griddle, just hot enough to melt a layer of the wax.  Move the candle around on the hot plate back and forth and in circular patterns to control how the candle melts.


Let cool completely, trim the wick and try a test burn within sight. 

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