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Hi everyone! I hope I am in the right place! I am a newbie here on craftserver, and I started my candle business in September of 2021. I plan to launch next year. Enough about me and more about why I am making this thread. 

Earlier this year when I started making candles I really wanted to do a soy candle. I got the C3 wax and began mass producing different scents- not knowing how it all works. After lots of wasted money and attempts- because not only was I mass producing candles with this wax, I was also using one wick, then found out that wick didn’t work, so what did I do? I ordered a new wick and mass produced again the following week- and so on and so fourth, going through about 6 different wicks, all while mass producing. I since then switched over to a para-soy wax- IGI 6006. I really love the wax but I seriously can’t figure it out with the wicks. Im almost to the point of doing an all paraffin wax because I know my candle will sell for the meaning behind it…


I lost two children. My daughter passed away in 2014 due to sepsis and my son passed away in 2016 due to pneumonia. I started my business in memory of my babies- every candle will be named after a person. If you would like to see more I’ll link my YouTube here. I am also on TikTok @corrinamallory and my candle page @knlheavenscentcandleco 


please give me advice on what wicks to try and or if I should maybe switch to a paraffin wax? I am soooooo desperate for help! PLEASEEEE! 

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Hello and welcome to Craft Server, sorry for the slow response, I guess everyone is busy with the Christmas season coming up. I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your children, no parent should have to experience that. I don't have any specific answers but do some searches here on this site for wicking, I know there is a lot of info on that topic. Here's a few links to as well https://www.candleers.com/candle-wicks-101/ and the below video.


Wicking is very tricky, the hardest part of making a Safe, Great Smelling, Great Performing, High Quality candle. All the ingredients making up a candle effect the way a wick will perform or not perform. And if you change one thing in a candle recipe, either the ingredient or the amount of the ingredient, then you may very well have to change the wick as well. It's all about science and chemical reactions. Anyone can make a candle but not everyone can make a safe, high quality candle. I hope this will help, continue to do research and ask questions and enjoy your journey. :)



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