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Less FO or wick change


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I am testing in a Status 3" jar with Harmony 4630 and Zinc wicks.  I have some HT with 6% Garden Lilac from Flaming Candle and a 44-24-18 Zinc.  Tested the 44-20 and 44-28 and there was no HT.  The candle had a floral smell but we couldn't detect Lilac specifically.  I have read posts about using less FO.  Before pouring any more test candles wanted to get input on what I need to try to get this FO to fully open up.  If using less FO how much less to start with?  I did up the FO to 1.05oz to 1lb of wax and poured that into 2.5" wide jars but it acted like it locked up the FO.  I tried several different wicks (CD, HTP, LX and the Zinc that I have) but didn't get any HT.  I don't have the 36-24-24 Zinc to try in the 2.5" jar at this time but wanted to see if I can get better results in the 3" jars before ordering anything else.

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The eco .5 had no HT, it was as if it had no FO in the candle.  My next sizes are the 1 and 2.  I have burned the 3" jar and need to repour another one for testing and was wondering if less FO would make the Lilac open up to a more true Lilac instead of just a floral scent.  In the past I have always upped the FO but have never tried decreasing and was looking for input from those that had decreased their FO to see if decreasing would help or if I need to change the wick to maybe paper core.  The real question is would decreasing the FO make the FO open up more or do I need a hotter wick?  The floral scent was strong it just didn't smell like Lilac - just a general flower smell.

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In a 2.5 inch jar my waxes and scents can use anywhere from eco .5 - 4.


for a 3" jar in a soft coco that is in the same neighborhood as 6006 an eco 1 or 1.5 fits well and can throw with gusto. A few need a 2 or 4 just to stay lit. 


for comparison, I'm burning a 1 in a 2.5" with a citrus patchouli blend that is shockingly strong compared to other wicks and maintaining a small stable flame, even in the last 1/4. 


It is possible less FO will help, but since you already have that one in hand it is quick to swap wicks out for instant gratification. Lilac is usually nauseatingly strong at that %, so it sounds like a wick series issue. You just need to find that magic sweet spot of consumption vs flame temp to coax out what is there.  


Did it smell strong as you poured it?

and... did it have a cure time?

Is this a new box of 6006? if not, does it perform as it should with other scents?

New FO? Has it been reformulated?

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It wasn't really strong when I poured the candle and the candle was burned off an on over a few weeks.

I'm not using 6006, this is Harmony 4630.  This is the only FO/wick combination that has given me HT in the 3.5 years I've been doing this with a variety of different waxes. 

I've only purchased one bottle of the Lilac FO so I don't have any previous bottles to compare to but on the Flaming Candle Website the comments from people dating around the time I purchased mine were giving it great reviews for how strong the HT was.  I have maybe 2 oz left of an 8 oz bottle - not a lot of testing left for this FO.

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