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Moisture in 4625??

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I've already used the first half of a slab of 4625 with no issues. I busted up the 2nd half to refill my Presto pot, and once in a while I hear a little sizzle-type sound - kinda like when you first throw frozen french fries in hot oil. I looked and there's a few little bubbles that come up to the surface when I hear the noise. It acts just like if I would've flicked water off of my fingertips into the hot wax. 


Anyone ever see this? Would it be the obvious "moisture in my wax" theory? If it is, it doesn't seem to be like much. I'm making melts, not candles - so I don't see it causing a problem. Just curious as to what everyone thinks it might be in case I run into it again, but on a bigger scale. 


Thanks so much for your input! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!! ❤️

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Copied and pasted my reply from the other thread here:


I've seen moisture in paraffin and soy (and other veg) waxes. In veg waxes moisture can be introduced during hydrogenation.  Or condensation.  I heard of one retailer that stores cases in a freezer. Those moisture droplets inside the bag form as it thaws.


In paraffin it should at least stay to the bottom of the pour pot.  Often you can see the little droplets at the bottom of the pot. Sometimes you can heat and hold long enough to get them to evaporate. In soy wax (made of hydrogenated vegetable oils) moisture has more of a tendency to stay homogenous in the mix, so it s harder to eradicate. Heat and hold, or heat / cool / heat can help.  Wet flakes in a new case can sometimes be evaporated off by leaving the case open for a while in  a cool, dry room. Mix around to allow air to circulate through the whole case. What a pain either way.

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