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Testing wicks - Kerasoy container blend


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Hi there,


Hope you can help - I am using Kerasoy container wax, at this point I am interested in solely seeing how the wicks I’m using perform with this wax (TCR series). How long do I need to cure / let the wax set, if I’m not using fragrance oil at this point and checking for wick performance only? I will be adding/testing fragrance oil at a later stage once I’ve found a decent wick.


Thank you!

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Are you outside of the US?  I have never heard of this wax or that wick series 


Hopefully someone who has chimes in to help out 


generally speaking 24-48 hours is a good cure without fragrance to get wick tests done but 

adding fragrance can drastically change your wicking - having a baseline test like your doing most definitely helps speed the process and understand the wax your using 

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