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October 2021 - I'm new to CraftServer


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Hi, my name is Marley (well, that's actually my nickname). I just stumbled upon CraftServer this week while browsing for something else and decided to join. I'm more of a hobbyist than a full-time business, but I adhere to GMP and have liability insurance because I still sell.  I am primarily a CP soap maker, but I make the other usual stuff. I always end up spending more time reading & researching topics than actually making product. It's so much easier to research now that we have the internet. That wasn't always the case, having "warmed" many a chair at the library taking copious notes because we couldn't "check out" research books.  If that sounds familiar, then you've guessed my age.  


I read the rules and I will admit I didn't understand some of the technical criteria (like font size and pixels and signatures) but I do promise to behave. If I make a technical error, please understand the technical aspect of being on the computer is not my forte. My husband (a retired engineer) is very patient and understanding. He saw me tweaking a new formulation earlier this week, paper & pen in hand using a calculator.  He said, "If you like, I can do that formula in Excel for you."  He knew my reply before I said it, "Yes, I know, but then I wouldn't understand it as well if you did it for me."

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