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Where do you get your suppllies?

Soaps by SunRise

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I get most of mine at Southwest because I can pick them up myself, or Wholesale supply plus.  I love nurture, but they mostly only have colors and MP. I stopped buying at BB because their prices are pretty high in comparison IMO when you add the shipping.   I love natures candles, but the shipping puts me off too. I am not an amazon fan either....


Southwest could use a LOT of better customer service. They are updating the website, and would not let me pick up tomorrow.


So, what other stores are there that you would recommend?  where do you get your stuff?


Most oils I just buy at the grocery store, but I need lye, glycerin, cocoa butter, and a preservative.

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Your best bet is to buy from a local supplier if you like their products and they work for you. This will save you both time and money and if you have a business you are always looking for ways to save without cutting quality.


For supplies I don't use any one supplier for all. I use several for different purposes. Also, I have a soaping biz so I have to buy in bulk to save.


I do have some suppliers I buy a lot from and I will list those:


Soapers Choice, for bulk oils and butters

ED, for bulk shea, EOs, lye

WSP, EBB, EBC, Camden Grey, Lotion Crafters, FNWL, ITDF, for soap & BB supplies

TKB, Nurture, for micas and oxides

CS, EBB, C&S, Nurture, RE, WSP, FB, for FOs

Camden Grey, for most of my EOs, plus soap & B&B additives

Packaging; WSP, SKS, Papermart, EBB


You mentioned preservative. For what? I use different preservatives for different products but mostly for B&B. I buy most of my preservatives at WSP but others are ITDF, Lotion Crafters, and FNWL to name a few.


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