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Sharon mayrie

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Hu everyone I am new here and hope someone can help me.


 I made dual lye liquid soap by cold process method

( mixed lye solution and oils at room temp)

30% lye concentration, and after adding the lye it turned into a gel like paste but after diluting the paste with water the mixture turned into an oily mess and didn’t thicken. Here is ingredients:-

Olive oil 50g,

coconut oil 45g,

castor oil 5G.

Using soap calculator, Soapee, it showed I needed to add

49.8g water,

and 4.6g Naoh

and 16.7g Koh.

So I had 154g soap paste and diluted with 154g water. 


It looked all all went well with first stage as paste turned into a gel paste but final stage after dilution is watery and separated oil. 

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Some oils, Like coconut, are VERY watery thin when used in liquid soap. 


I need to run this through my usual soap calculator, but by separated, do you mean a thick bubbly layer on top? If so, heat the whole concoction to clear and let cool again while covered. Often extra fats from superfatting and less pure KOH cause a layer to rise to the surface.

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