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4oz tin and HTP wicks


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Hello! First time posting! I have been testing my candles for months and am going a little crazy with it lol. Pushing back my business launch more and more it seems.


I am looking for wick suggestions for a 4oz tin with 2.5 inch diameter. Using soy 444 and 6% FO. It doesn't seem to matter which FO I use, I've tried 3 or 4 of them with the same results. But I've tried HTP 93, and 104 without reaching full melt pools at the 4 to 5 hour mark, they just tunnel. I've tried HTP 126 which is too big I believe but burned nicely, just too hot/quick.


Does anyone have suggestions for what HTP wick to use with this vessel? I am limited in where I can purchase due to location and shipping costs, and availability from the supplier I shop with. (Voyageur). Thanks for your wisdom!

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Is it truly tunneling, or simple hang up that is needed for tins that size? 

hang up cleans up around the half way point keeping the tin safe for the customer. 

The dimensions are difficult to get a decent safe burn. I would start with a CD 6 or 8 on those. If the wick is too big you will consume wax before the melt pool can form. 

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