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Coconut83 Wax


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Hello I’m new to this forum and candle making. I make other handmade products as well. However, candle making has stomped me terribly. I’ve researched and now know what type of wax to use with the amount of FO. But now I’m having trouble with wicks compared to the type of vessels I prefer. Help please!


Fyi I use coconut 83 wax blended with beeswax 

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Hello and welcome.


wicking a tall container like that one is tricky.  The heat builds up in the bottom half so you need to wick conservatively. 

the pic looks like it is double wicked with wooden wicks? If so, that is far too much wick for that wax and container.  Once it reaches the half way point the temps will rise quickly leading  potential wax fires and broken glass

Generally speaking we don’t double wick any container under 4” inner diameter. I wish the double-wick-everything trend didn’t catch on from the candle groups like on Facebook. 😢 The wax wall left from early burns catches up and melts away by the half way point.


for coconut 83 I find CDN wicks work very well, followed by CD, and sometimes very small sized ECO. Sizing and series depends on the exact lot of coconut 83 wax, and the fragrance.  Coco83 varies a lot from batch to batch.  Sometimes new lot is absolutely nothing like the prior lot and needs completely different wicking. 

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