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Paraffin Wax Fully Refined does it frost.

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Kia ora, 


i live in Aotearoa population of 5million we work on the metric system and have only 4 candle supply stores. Shipping from another country costs more then the products. 


i am not a pro chandler but i am no where near a novice either.


No supplier sells paraffin and soy blends so ive decied to blend my own. 


Only one type of paraffin i could find here and that is " Paraffin Wax  Fully Refined" the only information suplied is  has a melting point between 46° Celsius (115° Fahrenheit) and 68° C (154° F.


ive been blending with a cocosoy blend and the candles have been coming out really ugly almost like the waxes arent blending together and i get this crytalization which looks like soy frosting at first glace but then when i poke/scrap it its an entire area that has crystalized ( SORRY I HAVE AN EXTREMLEY LOW I.Q AND CANT ARTICULATE MYSELF BETTER ) 


I thought it was f.o until i made a candle without it 


i thought it was the cocosoy blend until i melted the paraffin by itself and saw that it is the paraffin thats doing it.


ive tested heating the wax together between 80-90 ( is not fully melted till around 80 ) 


ive also tested pour between 80-85 ( i cant go any lower then this or the wax is setting ) 


also using a heat gun does not fix the problem as it does with soy frosting 



any thoughts help please?  do you require more info from me? 


i did go to the supplier but they advised they cant help other then providing me the melt point of the wax. Ive tried F.B groups and surfing the web but have come up with no information.







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1 hour ago, Markyel said:

It worked yay!! Thank you i was so stumped and couldn't get any help through other platforms. 


You are awesome thanks for helping!!! wish you all the best in everything you do!!!

Glad you have it figured out!

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Actually it didn't work.  It appeared to as it cleaned up the top but underneath was still the same. I.ve used ratios up to 10% of U.A which seems to not bind to the wax at all. I've read Vybar might be better to use but is not for sale in my country and the shipping costs more then the product plus id be waiting around 6months for delivery as that's the new normal here. 

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