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Best EO’s for Liquid Soap


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I got frustrated and gave up on liquid soap a while ago because many fragrances and EO’s were so problematic. But I prefer liquid soap at the sinks.

Lavender made mine turn into a gel blob. Citrus of any kind made it watery thin. Soooo frustrating. 

I’m a weirdo who loves patchouli, or just Unscented hand soap. In the kitchen, lemon. 

Pretty sure the issues are soap formula related. Mine didn’t cloud like yours, and yours didn’t seize like mine. 

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I found if you super fat more than 2 per cent it makes it hard to add fragrance without clouding and other.

Lavender and peppermint have worked for me. Searched soapmakers forum but little Info there.

Solubilizer can help but trying to avoid.



 So far the following have worked well for me without a solubizer:

 - Lavender EO
 - Peppermint EO
 - Rosemary EO
 - Fresh Mango (Brambleberry)
 - Tropical Vacation (Brambleberry - clouds up at first and takes several days to clear)
 - Lime EO
 - White Tea and Ginger (Brambleberry)
 - Awapuhi (Elements Bath and Body)
 - Coconut Cybilla (Brambleberry)
 - Apricot Freesia (Wholesale Supplies Plus) - this is my absolute favorite.
 - Dancing Waters and April Showers (Wholesale Supplies Plus)
 - Lime Ginger (Elements Bath and Body)
 - Bamboo Sugarcane (Elements Bath 

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