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Just when you thought it was safe


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Talk about a bad penny 😂

Some will remember me from my long while back or possibly on the BC board. I thought I was going to get back into everything about 2 years ago but I ended up having to have a massive back surgery and 5 weeks of in hospital rehabilitation so I can walk again but then I got to where I'm in a wheelchair now so there's that LOL. I just wanted to step in and say hello to everyone. Most of my questions will be about wax melts and labels because I have changed the look of my entire line since moving back to the South. I only use 4794 in all applications because that's what I started off with and that handles everything that I do whether it's melts, TP, fire starters, pine cones etc and it holds up superbly in the South Alabama heat and humidity. I hope to see everyone and I hope you're doing well.... Kat

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