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My new fav FO is NG's Bite Me!!


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OMG this stuff smells soooo good! It soaped like a dream too, no A&D or ricing. Scent is holding strong. It's hard to describe; notes of cherries, citrus, and effervescence. I mixed with a little pink grapefruit to bring out the citrus notes in it. If you haven't tried it I strongly recommend it. One of the best soaping FOs I've used in a long time! 


Since this will be a new scent in my sea bath line am going to call it Mermaid Kisses. I colored it raspberry red, pink, and orange. Can't wait to debut this at my fall shows! Customers will be curious because of the name but wait til they smell it! I would be very surprised if it doesn't become a big seller!

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Update... I brought some of the soaps I made with NG's Bite Me and they sold out! I did mix 3 parts Bite Me with 1 part pink grapefruit. Everyone who smelled the soap loved it and that's how they sold out!


Doncha just love it when you try a new fragrance and it turns out to be a winner!

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