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COCONUT 86 from VCS (Virginia Candle Supply)

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Interesting sounding combo.  Pinkt, have you given it a go, and what wick series have you found to work with it?  Also, is it terribly hard to find in stock, like a lot of the other cocosoy blends?


Also, are you sure this is Coco 86 and not the VCS blend listed on their site?  It gave those percentages for the VCS blend, not th Coconut 86.

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I have to wonder what else is in the commercial coco blends. For anyone who has ever tried to blend soy, coconut oil and palm, it needs help to not sweat, grain, destabilize with ambient conditional changes, etc.  


the proportions of the coconut 86 seem like it could be a cargill c1 product with coconut oil. C1 is soy with palm. C1 seems to contain the same soy based stabilizers as c3 (a monoglyceride, like Universal Soy additive a food additive by Cargill).


plain soy, like a midwest soy for instance,  with coconut oil and palm is a seepy, grainy mess. A little stabilizer polymer and USA helps make it perform like commercial blends. Stabilizers do not sound appealing on the label, so I wonder if they are greenwashed.


then the description above is baffling. “Made from the meat of the coconut”. Highly doubtful. The meat of the coconut won’t melt, mix or burn like candle wax. This sounds like a really unlikely, misleading description. If you believe it, grab a bag of flaked coconut from the store and try to make a candle with it. Companies that write descriptions like this really tick me off. 

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