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Coconut Wax Melts


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So far my wax "melts" experiments have been scraping out failed candles and putting the wax into an old candle warmer that I have.  I want to start testing some actual melts.  For candles right now I am working with the Calwax Ceda Serica but my (newbie) impression is that it would be too soft for melts.  Are there any coconut tart waxes out there that you like?  The only one I have come across so far is the Caluxe Coconut Tart Wax?

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Most Coconut wax blended for candles is really soft and prone to melt. Many that I see now are a smidge of coconut with a lot of other cheaper waxes to fill the coconut craze niche.  so anything would be blended with a soy or harder could try what you have 50:50 with a container soy and tweak up or down from there. 

ceda cerica is a nice wax with a rapidly growing price tag.  I can’t bring myself to make melts with it 😂. Blended with IGI 4786 is holds up well though.  

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6 hours ago, Belinda said:

I've never heard of it. Who sells it? Does coconut wax throw better than paraffin?

I have seen it a few different places but haven't purchased it yet... Northwood and Hive and Honey Candle Co look like they have it in stock right now. 


As far as paraffin vs coconut throw I don't really know. I havent actually made a "real" melt yet (I've only used failed container candle testing scraps 😅). Most of the coconut container waxes I've tested do contain some paraffin and the C55 does as well according to the description.

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On 8/12/2021 at 8:26 PM, jmspgh said:

Has anyone out there tried the Calwax C55 Caluxe coconut tart wax?

I am in the testing phase now of this wax….don’t love it but don’t hate it either 

it’s fairly easy to work with and doesn’t need other waxes added but of course I am just to see 🤷‍♀️
If you use clamshells your definitely going to want to do a second pour as they set up ugly and warped but I haven’t had this issue in silicone molds …yet

I love how easy it is to work with being a 1 wax blend 

I love how hard they are and easy to pop out of any mold 

I love the throw it gives after a weeks cure 

I don’t love the texture of it…it’s a little gritty

I don’t love that you have to wait about a week to smell anything cold throw wise 

I don’t love the smell of the wax out the bag or melting….it has a plastic like scent to it BUT that does disappear after cure 

It’s a little more effort blending waxes but I’m kinda liking the looks of the ones I do better than C55 so far

have not added color to it yet….I’m going to in a few minutes actually just to see but I have a feeling it’s going to look a little frosty given the texture but the description says it takes color well with a smooth and creamy texture 🤷‍♀️ We will see 

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