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Wax melts crumbling on the corners of snapbars?!

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Hi, I am really hoping someone can help me!


I have recently started to make wax melts to sell & the same problem keeps occurring. When I am unmoulding my snapbars the corners seem to stay attached to the mould, causing the snapbars to have the corners missing. I am very much a perfectionist and want the snapbars to be perfect before selling them.


When I use a new mould the first couple of times the snapbars turn out perfect and then after 2 or 3 times they start to crumble on the corners. I have looked on forums and tried various things, such as pouring at a certain temperature, using less colour dye, etc. but none have fixed the problem.


I think my problem is that when I am cleaning the moulds after use it isn't fully cleaning the corners, however I am not sure how to tackle this as I am cleaning them as much as I can and it still isn't working.


Can anyone recommend a way to clean the moulds? Or if I could be doing something wrong in the making of the wax melts process? Or anything to help?


Thank you in advance!

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I clean my molds by turning them upside down on a cookie sheet covered with paper towels and set them in the oven on the "warm" setting to melt off any residual wax. Then spray w/alcohol and wipe clean.  
What kind of wax are you using?

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