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Liquid Soap Experiments - Anyone Interested?

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I have to make liquid soap for a contract project, so I might as well make it FUN!


On the old Dish Forum I loved doing the "DOES THIS WORK, AND WHY?" types of soap experiments and sharing the results. The Lather Lovers Swap was one of my favorite and most popular. Modern Soapmaking re-runs her blog post about it often, and I see it referenced on other forums and in facebook groups. The lather result videos are on YouTube. The first one is here so you can find the others from it: 



As I contemplate how to proceed with the contract project, there are so many wives tales and suggestions that I just have to try some. For instance:

- does sodium citrate help with lather and reduce scum?

- Can I create sodium citrate in situ using the lye water and citric acid?

- Would sugar be a beneficial additive for sustaining lather as it is with bar soap?

- does glycerin make it less drying?

- What if we add Cocamidopropyl Betaine as a hybrid for body wash?

- does sodium lactate help with viscocity / blending of additives?

- does dual lye make any difference at all? Some claim splitting the NaOH and KOH creates a thicker soap.


Anything else?

I would consider rounding up a collection of all the variations for people to purchase and test themselves. 


If anyone wants to do a swap I'm all ears.



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