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Using Essential Oils to make candles

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Hi All!

Hope you are well, I am new to making candles and wanted to do something while on my maternity leave. Wanted to use this forum to ask a couple of questions. I only want to make candles if they 100% safe and natural. Is this achievable?! 

Can I use just essential oils to make my candles? I know the smell wont be as strong as frag, but this I'm assuming will be trial and error until i get it right?


Also If i blend my own essential oils into my candle, is it impossible to crate a data sheet?


I don't want to start something then find its too hard due to legal reason


Thanks in advance gang! Love Hardip 

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A lot depends on what country you are working in.  The UK has different laws for blends than the Us, so the replies will be country dependent. 

it’s possible to make nice candles using essential oils. Just know, Essential oils are aromachemicals.  like all other aromachemicals, you can overdose on essential oils and sensitize yourself to them..

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