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RETURNING user from 2009! New recent craft addictions and plenty of questions waiting to ask. Hiiii yallll!

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I am sooo glad to see this place is still going strong when it was such a much needed and over used guide for me through many crafts that lead me to craft shows. The last 3 years I settled making handpainted wooden signs and pallets. If anyone would like some pictures I'll add if wanted. It became something mom and her 2 daughters had fun doing. My oldest is 11 and at the age of 7 she even hand painted her own sign for her teacher and she even chose to free hand the words and stencil only small graphics! Her teacher still has it hanging up in class. We became sign making machines. My youngest is now 6 and started to craft her own masterpieces a couple years ago. Hey we craft. We sell. They love. And we enjoy. Hey girl heyyyy!!!💁‍♀️👩‍👧‍👧💪


Starting out in 2008 I wasn't a mom YET and I used my free time becoming obsessed with candling. I actually did this together with my MIL. Once I started with Wax Tarts & saving money by forgetting the wax and just using FO's. There was no stopping me after that and I moved on to Votive candles, Moved on to container candles and Christmas was around the time...perfect as gifts. Never thought first time trying container candles I was going to do a triple layer 4oz Mason Jars. I used FO's Fresh Apple dyed with light green chips, Cinnamon Buns dyed with red chips and ButterCream white chips. I didn't even realize I chose Christmas colors and they were beautiful! If I still had a picture it wouldn't do any justice with its crap pixels and grainy finish on phone cameras from then. I only had 1 picture and it proved me right. It was an order ready of  2lb pillare assorted custom Chunk Candles. All I can tell is they were colorful. The Cold throw for the candles was mouth watering that I couldnt wait to do my test burn. If Christmas had a scent. It was exactly how those 3 smells mixed. Soo good that I ended up keeping all 12 total because I just didn't want to share. Too afraid I would never get a smell sooo perfect again. I miss it still ...13 years later! From there I made 2 lb pillars and they were soo large that chunks looked great. I allowed the candle scents AND color themes to be chosen. I can show that specific order that I have pictured ? My home was a rustic/Primitive/Shabby/Chic/Country/Farmhouse theme so I ended with grubby silicone candles molds for pillars and grubby voices and grubby wax tarts. Still even have the same 2 I made then for my home decorations. When someone who happened to like my perfume while working asked what it was and I Replied with my own. They couldn't believe it and i had too many people asking me if they could buy some. From there I started getting more custom orders. With the Sprays I offered discounts when more were bought and even included 4 slim assorted flavored chapstick tubes attached as a free gift to every order. I warned that I wasn't a professional and was still in the experimenting phase. They were loved as well. So then I was

perfecting Lipbalms, Body Sprays, Room Sprays, Car Freshies of assorted shapes and scents and when someone pointed out as a year rolled by...how every employee car had one of my car freshies in EVERY ONE! I was sooo pro status making orders ad time went on that I never realized how much I really did really make. The big dream was to start a small business for Candles AND bath and body supplies. It was all coming together when we received the news we were waiting for.....I was carrying my first home made human!🎉🎀 and she was named Kyhlie. I dreamed of owning my own business and it being strictly family only running it. Sadly my obsession of my own little handmade store was put on hold when I was making a batch of car freshies and the smell was sooo strong very pregnant me at the time almost passed out and fell. I had to sit outside for an hour. I decided that if it bothered me like that while pregnant and sensitive then it was too strong to have around a baby. I sold ALL of my supplies which included brand new silicone molds that were bought from the best place bt can't remember now. Moming fit me to a T. My husband and I anxiously waiting for her arrival just to see if she had red hair being his hair is as red as red gets and is known to skip generations. Sure enough she came out almost glowing! 

Well that's what happened to my whole crafting I spent many years on.  


A few months ago candling piqued my interest again because I spent all those years Missing it. The candle makers have seemed to die down more at craft shows and it made me want to come back out and maybe start dreaming of that one dream on the burner that wasn't a crisp just yet. 


I MAINLY signed up again because I have been overly obsessed with makeup brushes. And makeup pallettes. And I have over 60 Micas already. That I decided I would try to make my own pressed mineral shadow that I can put into cute empty pallets OR a plain pallette and stencil the pallette myself. I like doing as much as I can. Along with it I was reading up on lipstick making as well  as its usually all I usually wear. And fondled with the idea of making my own scented incense because I can never find them with good smells! So I will be on here with my eyes open and reading all I can and asking away.  Thanks for Readind my craft history. You now know the main important things I most love. My name is Brittany and hopefully I get a chance to amaze you all with my crafting first for eyeshadow.

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