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good wax for EO container candle

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Hello guys

I recently started trying essential oils in candle making…. With a strong scent like Lavender, Neroli, Bergamot, Cinnamon Bark, Clove - its fine
But I am struggling with smells like Sweet Orange. It smells sometimes and sometimes it just does not. 

At this moment I am using
Wax- Nature Wax C3
Wick - TCR series

And for ratio I tried 8% solution for the sweet orange currently curing 10% solution

For the container if it will help at this moment I am using 220g of wax and TCR 27/16 wick

I want to try some other waxes and eco series wicks mby it can help with the hot throw..
Do you have any exp with EO and some of those waxes ?
Golden Wax 464 soy or KeraSoy Container Wax
Or any other suggestions ?


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It's tricky with standard FO's to get the stars to align, EO's just raise's the bar in difficulty plus it's a wallet emptying exercise experimenting with EO's, we use a soy/mineral blend as standard i imagine that to make it easier for a eo candle to release it's fragrance a mineral wax maybe easier, i dunno just thinking an typing.

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If you're on Facebook there's a pretty useful group called Essential Oil Candlemaking. They're UK based but the principles are the same & I learned a bit searching through that group. Basically, less is usually more with most EOs - definitely get good quality wholesale ones from New Directions Aromatics or the like - and make sure you have a reliable gram scale that goes to 0.05g. That has been my main hang up so far - I realized my measuring of the oils was pretty off since just like FO weight are different for each oil as their density varies. 


To answer about Sweet Orange - the reason you aren't getting scent from it is because it's too volatile & you'll smell a fuel scent if anything at all. It needs to be anchored by another middle and base scent. You'll usually see citrus mixed with cedar, vetiver, black pepper, geranium, patchouli, frankincense, any oils that are heavier that can help bind the scent. A nice blending chart for ideas I recently found is here. After the anchoring, of course you will not have a straight orange smelling candle. For that, you will have to rely on fragrance oils. I have more notes I collected from browsing the FB group and random websites if you are curious about anything else. 


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Hey Moomin, thank you so much for the PDF 🙂
Yeah, I have gram scale and I am also UK based xD
In the end, I get the ok HT from the Natural C3 with TCR wick :) but I will test it with the ECOSOYA CB Advanced and with the ECO wick...
if you have more link it would be great thank you so much :)

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