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Beeswax pillar - which end is up

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I have just made my first white beeswax pillar. Problem is, I have no idea which side is the top - the concave side at the top of the plastic mold, or the flat side that was at the bottom? Also wondering if you all who use spooled wicks normally dip your wicks on wax first 



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I make the bottom of the mold the top of the candle. The mold has the prettiest top (my metal molds are concave, but it doesn’t matter).


the rough edges are flattened on a hot plate to level and becomes the bottom.  Slap a warning sticker over it and nobody knows it isn’t perfect 🥰

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I do not prime. The metal heat tape seals my molds well.  No need for any putty. 

I have used the high temp for car exhausts on molds for palm wax that is poured over 200*F, and use aluminum duct work tape for beeswax. 



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