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Frustration with accelerating FOs

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I seem to be having more problems lately with FOs that accelerate in CP. I swear its happening more especially with known FOs that have been reformulated. I will be soaping with a fragrance I have been using for years and the new bottle I order will produce soap on a stick.


Not only that, but many just don't smell the same and or fade quickly. 


It is so frustrating! It also means I am more often than not having to try new fragrances that work or try to find replacements for best sellers or switch them out with old fragrances I still have in stock in my back room.


It just adds to the cost of soapmaking to have to keep looking for new FOs that work in CP.

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I feel your pain. Many of us soap and candle people feel your excruciating pain.

we need to form a club to stock OUR dependable FO. 


And I’m not sure if you check your lye, but that’s an issue again in several places.

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Many of the fos have been changing. First their was the citral issue which is a component in many perfumes, the factory has a fire so the fos had to change until that was fixed. Then there is definite change in the base many fragrances are using, I think to make them cheaper but it also messes up formulas if you use surfactants etc. I can tell because many of the fragrances are discoloring at much faster rate. Don't know if anyone noticed this. Then as we all know the shortages of everything is just bad all over, and if you can stuff prices increased.

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