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Salt, fo, and warmers

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After several years making candles, I’m now thinking about branching into wickless. And I’m super intrigued with the salt idea...I’ve read the forum most of today but have been confused about amounts....

Most posts seem to use 10% per pound. But then I’ve seen @TallTaylalso say .25 per pound...and then I saw a .25/10 pounds. (That sounds way low)


i’ve mixed my first “batch” at 10%...not wanting to have too much a mess I only used 1/2 pound of salt. 

any of you who tried this in the last few years have any tips/experience to share? 

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Well...fyi, my first experience was SUPER SUCCESSFUL. I used a discontinued CS fo my daughter liked. And she used it at her school (she’s a teacher) and said it was VERY strong. Actually suggested I back off 10% I was using. I’m thinking it’s just like every FO and different ones will need different % of oil. Will keep experimenting and see if I want to test a few out this fall and something new. 

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