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Stick Blenders? What's Everyone Loving These Days?

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My trusty Hamilton Beach partner finally gave up the ghost today.  Time for a new stick blender. Amazon has a dizzying array of them, many marketed to soap makers. I bought the most recommended one as a back up a few months ago and it just doesn't have the guts to move a lot of soap in the pot. The top gear is slooooow.



detachable stick

long-ish to reach into deeper pails for large batches

easy replacement parts - soap making is hard on stick blenders.

a bell shape that easily lets the air bubble out


don't care about:



any of the foodie parts


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I have a Mueller and a Bella. The Mueller is quite strong. Two settings. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it can kind of suction itself to anything on bottom. Not my favorite bottom design in a stick blender but has power.

Have had a number of Hamilton Beach tried and true for the most part -the design of the bottom of the stick blender is better than the Mueller and I find it easier to clean it has more of a cone where the blade it. The Bella is heavy and just okay, not my favorite but it was cheap when got and it does the job like a Hamilton Beach.

You can look at photos of Amazon, their are two styles going on with where the blades are conical and then flattish.

There are a million of them on Amazon.

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Waring had consumer one for awhile, then they discontinued it. I loved it then it died like all of them.

I like the Mueller the price is good, and it has not died on me yet. The Bella is fine, basic but hasn’t been my favorite.

I thought a great idea was a cordless drill with blending attachment as solution!

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10 minutes ago, NightLight said:



There are some fab lightweight cordless drills you can attach your whisks or painter attachment for soap etc. on Amazon


That’s a neat idea. Can  we find some thing other than a whisk for the end?


I tried mixing paddles for drills  for mixing 5 gallon pails but one got away from me and I had soap oils dripping from my ceiling and down the walls ha ha. That was a mess. 


a squirrel mixer can work too, if you can find a stainless steel one. My plastic one shredded in a pail of oil. 🧐

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Follow up on this topic. 

I ended up buying this one from Amazon. Got to use it tonight for the first time.  It is powerful! The throttle dial on the top feels like revving up an outboard boat motor. 



it feels solid enough and it’s easy to release the air bubble under the big bell.  

buttons are easy to depress smoothly, and are out of the way enough to not accidentally press them.

The bell part is at least twice the size of my old beloved Hamilton beaches. The removable part twists to lock in very sturdily. 


I should probably buy a backup or two now, knowing my luck they will be sold out before I need another.

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22 minutes ago, NightLight said:

That looks exactly like the Mueller. Interesting. Probs same factory 😂

Maybe! I almost picked the Mueller but read the reviews and chose another.

the connection point for the shaft looks a bit different.  The mueller complaints were all about failures at the connection. I guess I will know soon enough 🤣

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