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How much fragrance to add?

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Hi, I am new to “lotion-making” and I have been making whipped lotions with 1/2 cup each of two butters and 1/2 cup each of two different oils. It turns out fantastic, but it seems like I’m adding too much fragrance oil to get enough scent. Or maybe it just seems like a lot to me? Is there a specific amount of fragrance oil that you should add for that portion of body butter or an amount that’s not safe to go over? Thanks 

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Once confirmed with the IFRA certificate as safe for that product, typically I start with 0.5% - 1% of fragrance for leave in products. 

always measure by weight to ensure consistency, and that fragrance is added within the safety limits.  

good luck!

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It sounds like you are doing bath and body recipes by parts. You need to start formulating by percentage for accuracy in your recipes. This way you can test trying 1 percent, 2 percent etc in your body butters. You will know the exact amount, for each version size of your recipe.

Now when you test that percentage recipe, make small test batches to test fragrance load.

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