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Couple of etsy finds

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shout out to 2 etsy makers whose candles I recently received¬†ūüĎŹ

1.Tokyn- a beautiful, very giftable combo of a votive surrounded by gel with embeds .  Seems like a simple thing but she just does it so well and the finished product is lovely, upscale and unique. Even the label is just right. Packaged in a substantial, luxe gift box. It's almost to pretty to burn it, but I will. Looks like a 100% soy wax in there, but honestly it's so good looking I barely even care about the actual candle in there.  My pic doesn't do it justice. Check out her etsy for better pics.

2. Wellness by Ari-  this yellow beeswax and coconut oil candle has disabused me of the idea that essential oils don't throw in candles. Wow. This is an absolute powerhouse thrower and I'm absolutely LOVING the all-EO fragrance.  Like inject- this- into- my veins loving it. Completely fills my LR in under 10 minutes with a nicely blended combo of patch, cedar, lav and.. bergamot?  My EO blends never smell this good. I think I need a better patch. (Many years ago I carried a line called Aromatherapy of Rome /AOR in my store.  AOR made pricey mottled paraffin pillars that were dripping with EOs. They burned like a hot mess but smelled divine. I sold thousands of them. This etsy candle smells just like my favorite AOR pillar, sans the soot. Yum.)


Both came with thoughtful, personal, hand written thank you notes which is always a nice touch.  I'll be buying from both these women again.



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I've got to get one of the Ari candles!!! I'm looking at all their different scents right now. They seem to have very fair pricing considering the care put into packaging and the materials alone - we all know beeswax and quality EOs don't come cheap. I have also been looking into how I could possibly making EOs work in candles so I'm definitely going to order one of these for inspiration. Thanks for posting! 

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