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Insta follows you into real life.

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Not really a question just an humorous observation. I was on Instagram and a post advertising candle vessels popped up in my feed. It kind of stood out and I thought it was a cute Valentine’s Day Dalmatian sort of vibe. I kid you not more than 2 hours later I went to my local Marshall’s and was in their housewares section and what did I see... the same glass but in a tumbler format. Dying laughing. 



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🙈 well... the more I thought about it the more I was like oh that would be pretty and so springy. I also just got a sample of peony and magnolia FO so why not make something with it. Plus the decor in my home is neutrals with pops of color so it works. 

Trouble trouble trouble. 😆😆😆



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Right now I’m playing with Ceda-Serica. Because it came in a set of two I’m trying one with two small wicks CDN 2 and one with CDN 6. In my very limited experience, I’ve liked using two wicks on 3 inch diameter vessels because so far I get a nice sized flame (no soot or carbon build up), vessels have been staying relatively cool, great HT with a lower FO percentage (4-5% for this one), and still achieving full melt pool in the second half burn. 

Since these tumblers came in a set of two, I’m also trying out one with a single CDN 6, just to see... because why not! 

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