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Need suggestions/advice, please (RE first order)

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Have to replace Candle Science in my suppliers rotation...just can’t anymore with them. So thought I’d add RE (I know 🙄 picked a hellova time since they’ve sold to WSP). Before I knew they’d sold, had stuff in my cart and that’s almost as good as bought (for me). And I haven’t lost faith in all companies since I’m counting on WSP to keep the FO’s. (Shipping about gave me a stroke but “in for 4oz in for 1lb” right??). Here are ones I thought I’d try. If any of them send “red flags” to you as awful -  please let me know. Bonus hugs if you know anything about them in 464 (glutton for punishment, apparently). Or if I’ve missed your favorite, please add that too!!


*Lake Adventure (always looking for a water that doesn’t smell like cologne)

*Warm Vanilla Nutmeg

*Sugared Spruce

*Toasted Marshmallow (another constant search)

*Birthday Cake

*Coffee House


*Bamboo Sugar Cane

Most suggestions came from searching on this forum — plus a couple that I’m always searching for. Thanks candle peeps. I respect all your opinions so much.

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Hi..I love RE,  I think bonfire bliss is really good in 464..,I love bayberry black forest, its kind of strong. I tried coffee house in wax melts, smells very strong but its awesome 

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Well now Warm Vanilla Nutmeg is delish ... heavy, but so very good. 

Bamboo Sugar Cane just never moved for me so tossed. 

I think their Toasted Marshmallow was what I used ... need to go back to it. 

You want suggestions on fragrances from here? 
Rustic Lodge

Country Gift Shop served me well in straight paraffin. 

I wish I could try Alaskan Wilderness but people don't do pine around here. 

I believe Amish Quilt was said to be good ...  thought someone once said that. I haven't tried it. Keep meaning to. 

Atomic Fireball ... very much a hot, hot cinnamon.

Baked Apple (KY) got rave reviews ... perhaps it still does. 

(What I don't like here is some stuff is meshed with the buyer's stuff. I'm going from memory, because I was downfallen that RE sold.) 


Always wanted to try Barbershop. I mean our people like clean scents. 


Butternut pumpkin is a yum to me over and over and over. 

Celtic Moon Spice is the slight representative to Amish Harvest ... that or Amish Quilt was to be? I've been away the equivalent of about 2 years from making so I am really rusty here. 

Cinna Vanilla gets a thumbs  up here

Dreamcatcher ... unique and that appeals to me

Glazed Doughnut (KY) said to very realistic to Crispy Creme

Golden Opium ... if you like heavy, incenscy type of stuff ... 

Honeysuckle patchouli ... might try this ... I will be hoping it matches what I have from another company or be better. 

Pink Lilac & Willow, but it is a tad light

Red Saffron if you're an incense type of person

Strawberry musk ... just flat very sexy and good

Sweet Amber Musk good as a stand alone or a mixer




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I love several of RE's oils.


Barbershop is my absolute favorite men's fragrance and I don't like that type at all! This one is wonderful though.

Toasted Marshmallow-love! I don't get any toasted notes but a great vanilla scent.

Warm Vanilla Nutmeg-so good!

Pumpkin Pie Spice-love it!

Pumpkin Bread

Autumn Spice

Strawberry Musk

Birthday Cake

Christmas Bark

Country Christmas

Country Gift Shop

Cuban Tobacco

French Vanilla and Oak smells good OOB

Glazed donut

Grandma's cupboard-a good oatmeal cookie scent

Key lime pie is the best I've found

Red Lipstick

Rose Milk smells really good and I don't like florals

Rustic Lodge

Santa's Ginger cafe

Santa's Whiskers

Southern Pecan Pie-love this one

Sweet Potato Spice

Vanilla butter fudge

Vanilla lace

Welcome Home

Woolen Blanket-have never used this but it smells good OOB


I have a few more but can't remember how they smell to me. These are the ones that I like and remember the scent. 

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Just weighing in here re: Lake Adventure. I added this to my line right after it was introduced. It’s not super watery, but the water note is there. It has a lodge/flannel/cabin-y vibe to my nose, which works well for me because I sell in a mountainous area. It is quite different from a lot of the other water scents out there.  

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Even though RE's shipping is so very expensive, there are some FO's I just have to order.


I know Christmas is over, but Main Street Christmas may be my favorite Christmas scent of all


I love the coffee scents; Pumpkin Spice Latte and Caramel Cafe


I need to order more Danish Butter Cookie, such a rich buttery cookie scent.


Celtic Moon Spice is really good but it has gotten too expensive for me.


Others I like:

Caribbean Day Spa

Tuscan Fields

Baked Apple



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i really like Plumberry Spice , Bonfire Bliss and Rustic Lodge.

Winter Wonderland is the best seasonal scent for the winter holiday season IMO.





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