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Gel Candle Making Questions

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I’m a candle lover, and excited to say I’m also a new candle maker!

As a novice, I have many questions about gel candles. 

Double Glass: 

1) If you embed items in the outer glass, is it okay to use pine needles, silk flowers, and other craft embellishments since this part is not being burned? 
2) How do you “suspend” the inside glass votive. 

3) If the inner glass sits on the bottom, can a glue dot be used?

4) Would you refill with a gel tealight or soy tealight? Does it matter?

Full Gel Candle:

1) If not using the double glass method, would you recommend high density or is medium gel okay? I’ve seen bulk gel at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, but the density is low. Is this recommended? I’ve purchased high density from Amazon.
2) Is it okay to use sand and shells? Would starfish burn?

4) Ideas for safe embeds?

5) Recommended locations for bulk items like zinc wicks, glass jars, safe embeds, etc.


I’m very new and have SO many questions! If anyone has time to answer, I would greatly appreciate it. 

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I have experience with Penreco candle gel, but I've never made one with double glass.  I think you can put whatever you want between the layers of glass as long as heat doesn't melt it. 


For a regular gel container candle, the medium is much easier to work with, light is easy too, but harder to suspend anything.  Yes, sand is fine, shells are okay, but starfish (seastars) are not (and I also don't advocate for the taking of live animals for decoration).  You can also use beach glass, marbles, etc.  Zinc-core works well, as do HTP wicks, but you need to purchase them unprimed (raw) so you can prime them with gel, otherwise wicks that are primed with paraffin will cloud your candle.  Other nice embeds can be molded wax pieces (using candy molds, for instance), made from a high melt point wax.


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