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Adrift without a moral compass on a glassy sea. (AGAIN)


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Lost another one of my moral compasses! (They just don't make'm like they used to...) 

It BARELY swirled the bowl even once... and now it's just BUSTED. (AGAIN...)  

SO... I had to have the RSPO chat again. Tried to explain that there isn't any practical difference between RSPO and a regular Palm Oil plantation, but we GOTTA have that RSPO certification. 
OK so the deal is (and I think this is a damned FINE deal too...) they pay the difference between the shipped price of their RSPO 50 pound cube of relabeled AAK palm oil shortening and me ordering my 50 pound cube of original labeled AAK palm oil shortening IN MY REGULAR fats order. 

See, here's where I lost my grip on the old compass and errantly entered the toilet bowl regatta... AGAIN, (sighs). 

So I calculated the shipped price of the 50 pound cube of RSPO against the shipped price of my 50 pound cube of regular Palm oil. So some interesting things here: 

RSPO $67.62  shipping $60.  $127.62 That's it. That's the ONLY CHOICE. (Oh, I've LOOKED too... OH, HAVE I LOOKED...) 
AAK: $50.99    shipping with REGULAR order $22.61.  =$73.60 
AAK: $50.99    shipping BY ITSELF $29.12 =$80.11 

Now as I wouldn't be ordering this BY ITSELF (that defeats the WHOLE POINT of bulk ordering materials) I say that the price difference I SHOULD be asking for is between the regular order shipping savings and NOT the solo order difference. It's not a HUGE deal this difference of $54.02 vs  $47.51 (it's only $6.51 FCOL!) but that's not the FARK'N POINT!!!! (moral compass point that is.) 

Now, what would YOU do? I say take the money and run.... away... in chorteling, gleeful, gloating. 

Here's my contention about the RSPO vs "Regular" palm and MY/OUR use of palm oil. It makes ZERO difference if I buy a 50 lb cube of palm oil from either side. If WE ALL bought one or the other it would make ZERO difference to ANY OF it. BOTH the regular palm oil plantation and the RSPO plantations strip out jungle to plant palm oil trees and then they rotate harvest the fruits (by the time they get to the end of the "row" the original starting row has fruited and is ready for harvest again...). The DIFFERENCE is that the "old" plantations have deforested enough jungle to not need to expand e.g. cut down more forrest, they've "ARRIVED", or as we say in the South they're "Have'n it". RSPO basically means only the major plantation owners (the ones that did THE MOST damage over all) should be allowed to make the money. Newer, independent farmers will be surarily excluded from any benefit except to work the larger plantations. And yet, even ALL OF OUR combined chandlery and soap making (cottage industry NOT super conglomerate soap and chandlery) still could not make a bit of difference.

I guess I'm more concerned about my aversion to suffering for the sake of suffering while simultaneously bolstering the institutions that created the suffering in the first place than I really am about the loss of another useless idiom I've cast into the great swish of public perception. 

This was NOT what I expected being "woke" was going to be like. NOT AT ALL.


The Executor of BAD Ideas, Sundry Services and suffering internal conflict 'n sh!t... 

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12 hours ago, TallTayl said:

I think I know what you’re going to roll out.  It’s about time! 🤗

Finger's crossed... Along those lines there DOES seem to be a market saturation point FAR FAR below what I had envisioned. Still... pretty cool idea. (and you're right, it's about time.)  

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