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Why doesn't everyone just use GG palm wax in containers?

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21 hours ago, bfroberts said:

They aren't exactly equivalents but I would say RRD 29 & RRD 34 would be the closest. I'm sure Candybee knows better than I do, but that's my best guess.
IME, CSN 9 and RRD 34 both work well for my 16oz square mason jars, but CSN burns with a smaller flame than RRD.  Neither self-trim, but RRD seems to need a little more trimming.


Frankly I don't know the equivalent RRD size as it's been several years since I've used RRD's. I've used them as back up wicks when I can't get CSN's. Plus I used a different size jar back then so whatever wick I used would not be the correct size. Sorry I am no help.


What I would do is read the info on the suppliers site about which size fits which jar, and buy that size plus one smaller and one larger at the very least. I find that even with the RRD's the smallest size that works for the jar is the better fit rather than the larger. Just something quirky about palm I guess. Less is definitely more.

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3 hours ago, bfroberts said:

Did anyone else pour a bunch of palm candles after reading this thread?


Naw.. I'm done pouring for the year. 


I just wish palm pillars were better sellers thou. If they were I would be pouring a butt load of them now!!


I miss the beauty of them but can barely give them away. They are expensive to make and that tends to make them too pricey in my area. People buy container candles and want container candle prices. Sigh!!

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Decided to light a couple after 3/4 days and I can't smell anything. The wicks are burning great, I can see why most people use the CSN's with this wax, but there's no hot throw. I thought this wax didn't really need more than a couple days?


The cold throw is slammin', no problems there. (I added 6% FO at 200F and poured at 200).



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