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Mica powder in wax melts

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You can try mica type colorants made with synthetic fluorphogopite. The particles are “fluffy” and stay airborne for a Long long time. They may suspend longer in wax.  Have not tried, but it may work. they are marketed sometimes as “sparks” colorants.  Look specifically for the word “Fluorphlogopite” in the INCI / Ingredients list. These are becoming more popular as environmental alternative glitter in cosmetics.

here’s one source:

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On 11/11/2020 at 1:30 PM, Abi said:

I’ve been using mica powder in my wax melts it looks lovely but when I use them in my burner the mica powder sticks to the bottom how do I stop this?


Some other things to consider.

Could the issue have to do with using too much mica?

Could it be that particular wax melter doesn't have a good protective coating or has a porous surface?

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