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Best way to try FO blends

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Hello! Does anyone have tips/advice for the best way to try blending FOs? I've been concocting mixes in my head and trying them in tiny batches in my container candles, but would love to hear of more efficient ways to even see if a combination of scents is promising before I bring it into the wax. Thank you!

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Sometimes I put q-tips that are dipped in the FO's that I'm wanting to blend in a baggie together and get a little idea about what they might smell like together. I'm sure there are better ways and someone will chime in and give us both some pointers!

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A couple of ways I learned:

1) q-tip in a jar.  Dip a separate q tip into each scent. Seal in a jar to let them meld. 
benefits, you can pull a a tip out of it does not “fit” the blend. You can add others to modify.

drawbacks, you can’t control the amount in the blend as easily.


2) drops on a paper towel. I drop per “part” in the fragrance. let it air out to smell the nuances, or stick in a jar to meld.
example: 2 drops lavender, 1 drop patchouli, 2 drops vanilla. 
pros- this is easy to convert to larger measured sizes to play with in products. You can write the blend on the paper towel

cons-these are addicting, the writing on the paper towel can smear or run, so you forget the best blend ever. 🤣

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6 minutes ago, karinz40 said:

so witht the paper towel do you put it in a jar to sit as well?  And for how long?

Most of the time I leave it on a counter top to smell how it changes. If I put a little piece into a jar, I sniff every couple of days to see if it changes.


you could use watercolor art paper, or similar also.


another thing I remember doing is folding the paper towel/paper into a sheet of aluminum foil.  This is a nice way to store for the future. The foil keeps it fresh for a long time. And in this method you can slap a sticker on it with the blend. 

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