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What's on Your Label?

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This topic has been posted many times over, but let me tried to post this one more time for new comers with another interesting topic.


There are only 4 things required by regulation to be put on our labels in US.  But I see so many out there who cannot do this right.

1. Your company name

2. Product identification:  If your product is a candle, then it must state that it is a candle.

3. Net weight in both oz and grams

4. Manufacturer's(your company) full address

These information has to go on main level, and it requires to be places on side when its possible.  *Many big companies has address on bottom warning labels.


Many start ups, who are home based business, might not want to disclose their location.  But it is required by law.  There are few other options not having full address on our labels.

1. Put only street name without street number, city & state with your website address showing some where on product.  But your website must disclose your full address.

2. Put only street name without street number, city & state and register your business with national registry like Dun & Bradstreet (It's free.)

*Above is required but someone might be able to get away little bit by putting City & State only.  But you must disclose your full address on website or getting registered in national registry.  (Please don't take this as legal advise since this is not fully legal.) 



There are many candle makers who claims something like this on their website without being registered.

"We donate 10% of our sales to XXX Foundation, which supports ....."

When someone claims that their certain percentage of sales goes to non-profits, then he or she must register with State Attorney Generals Office as Commercial Coventurer (one of profession fundraiser).  They will need to pay registration fee and file annual report.  


I see so many candle makers out there, who do not understand labeling & fundraising regulations.  I am just hoping that our members are not the one.  But then, I see so many staying in business with wrong doing.  So, I have to say choice is yours.

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58 minutes ago, NightLight said:

I did some R and D on Etsy and half the candles arrived without any warning labels. And in particular one candle that had flammable herbs on top. 

You mean you don’t like the rich, “authentic” scent of burning flowers? Lol


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15 hours ago, Candlefriends said:

In CO you are not required to register as a commercial co-venture according to CO's Secretary of State website. However, you do have follow certain conditions.

See below:

6-16-110(2), C.R.S. 

You are right about that.  Let me correct this!


Registration for Commercial Co-Venture is required in 22 states including my state California.  If you are located in a state where your state does not require one, make sure you are following other state's regulation when you make online charitable sales promotion sales to other states that require Commercial Co-Venture registration.


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