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What's your name? Kristen

Where do you live? Santa Cruz

How long have you been making candles? I started venturing into candle making a little over a year-ish ago.

How did you get started making candles/soap/whatever? I start experimenting because I always loved the idea of glow and warm scents of having a candle burn but so often I would end up with the worst headache. I wanted to see if I could make something that I could actually use and enjoy. Due to Covid, and SIP I had more time on my hands to research and experiment more. I'm really enjoying the process of seeing and experiencing the process of different variations. 

So far I've had really good luck with Candle Science scents not causing me any problems. I tried one or two from Northwood but within 15 minutes I started getting a headache. I'm not sure why but it happened. Does anyone happen to have any recommendations or other companies I should try?

If candle/Soap making isn't your primary job, what do you do? In the before times I was a figure skating coach. Correction, I still am a coach but figure skating is not an essential business. However, I do look forward to returning to the ice and working with my students once I can do so safely.

Anything else we should know? I used to own a jam company. It's funny, some of the posts I've read have talked about various safety protocols or taking care of accounts. It is all too familiar, the only difference is on the hazard side - trying not to poison people  vs catching things on fire. I had a friend smell one of the candles I made (I blended the FO myself) and she said, "This smells amazing are you going to start a candle business." Without even thinking said, "that would be a hard no... the first things that went through my head was OMG insurance, licenses, hustling for accounts, and the biggest part I don't know nearly enough present something to complete strangers."


I found CraftServer about a week ago started reading through some of the posts and was completely blown away the thoughtful comments to other peoples question. Instead of continuing to be a stalker I figured I should sign up. So here I am. Thanks for having me.


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Welcome to CraftServer!


If you are Santa Cruz CA, then Candle Science should be real good choice for you due to close proximity for saving on shipping cost.  And they do have good quality products.  If you want to try out few others, then California Candle Supply in Glendora Southern CA would be good supplier to check on.


There is a company called Perfumer's Apprentice in Scotts Valley CA which is very close to you.  They have only few very expensive FOs for candle (which I don't think it is worth that kind of money), but you could learn a lot about fragrances from their website.  You also can make personal visit to their operation when this pandemic is over.  They have perfumery workshops.

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