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Flame bent completely over

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Jar: 31 ounce Libbey cylinder. 5.5" tall by 4" wide. Double wicked. The wax is about half-way down burned now, and the flame instead of standing upright, is now just bent over. Its bent over so much that it is now touching the wax pool and causing discoloration from the burnt wax. I also have a 2 wick Kringle jar in their "status" style which is almost the same dimensions as listed above. I am also at the half-way point in the burn and the flames ALSO bend over in that jar. 


Everything else is working fine, throw is fantastic, but the candle just turns discolored and looks like turd.  I am starting to think I have a drafty house? My house is old and most definitely has drafts, but could these drafts be the cause of this issue, or is this issue because my container is too tall and this is just the natural air flow after the mid-way point of any jar this tall?


Any insights would be helpful and if anyone of you folks have also experienced this what did you do differently. Thanks. 

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2 minutes ago, TallTayl said:

Bent, like folded over itself, or bent like leaning in the softened remaining wax so the curl is now touching?



The wick is a zinc core, so the wick itself is standing upright its just the flame that is bent over itself. It does the same thing on the Kringle 2 wick with their wicks also which are not zinc core, more like Premiers.  Ive tested the both candles in the middle of the house, and in a small bathroom with door closed and its the same either way, flame is just bent over and scorches the wax. Bummer

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So the air current in the jar is blowing the flames low?

are the curls of the wicks pointing in the same direction, or opposite? I ask because when I multi wick I aim the curl Of each wick in opposite directions or the current can become quite strong in one direction if the curls point in the same direction. 

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