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CandleScience discontinuing HTP and CSN wicks

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On 9/16/2020 at 1:56 PM, TallTayl said:

They could have easily marketed those wicks as superwicks for soy And other natural wax blends and sold them by the 1,000. It’s a shame. 

I just called Candlewic to ask if they would consider carrying them. She (Ellen Daniels) said they didn't carry them because they have never really had any requests to do so and if they were to begin carrying them it would be after the first of the year. I told her that I believed there would be a decent amount of interest. TallTayl, maybe you can call her and tell her what they can be used for in addition to palm wax :)  and if everyone else calls to request it also, perhaps this problem will be resolved quickly and we wont be trying for the next year to find substitution.

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For those who use HTP, I heard from a supplier that HTP wicks have changed due to covid supply chain issues. Definitely check all of your new HTP wicks in your wax before you release candles.  

Take heart that we can co-op wicks any time. 5,000 of a size seems like a lot, but at around a nickel per it is reasonable. we can be a supplier of our own things with group buys    Wicks are e

OMG!!! I have been using their CSN wicks for my palm for years! They work better than RRD and other wicks I've tried in palm. ah cheese and crackers!!!!

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