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Candle Science changes in oils not even close to old fragrances

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What drama with the tumblers???

I ordered the clear ones not that long ago and actually started to like that jar 


I ordered a couple fragrances I love from them but have yet to put them in anything....so I must be prepared for them to mot be the same huh?

I have been weeding them out of my supply chain after the soy fiasco years ago with 415 and their insistence nothing changed when it most definitely did

I live their mistletoe but if I remember right Moonworks pinion pine was the same thing so I guess I need to see if pfo  carries it 🤷‍♀️
this is all getting so old and exhausting, can’t rely on anything anymore 

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Is it time to go out on our own with favorite scents?   Happy to offer CraftServer to help co-op much needed beloved fragrances.

All businesses have values that they express either explicitly or implicitly and their support is merely an expression of those values.

Their whole "lets go green, so we feel better about ourselves" has compromised a lot of their scents. 

Yes pure fragrance oils - they have the original moonworks but I guess not that one - I can email her and ask

fragrance buddy did a lot of dupes off samples I sent in before pfo was carrying them and they were decent - But I just checked and they don’t have it either and wow they downsized how many of them they carry now - lavender sage is gone - sugar cookie royale is gone 

I will have to see if I find a difference in the Cs new clean version 

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On 9/12/2020 at 12:29 PM, bfroberts said:

The old Odor Eliminator, Pink Magnolia Blossom, Black Currant Tea, Cranberry Marm., Lavender Chamomile, off the top of my head.  I haven't found replacements for those.  There were more that I did find decent replacements for, but I'd get in on a co-op for most any of the old scents if it was happening.

I’ve been MIA from candle making during covid because the store was shut down — but I tried both cranberry marm from AFI and did not think either were a good sub for original CS fragrance. Did you try either one? . And, I too am so irritated with CS. 

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On 11/1/2020 at 5:20 PM, Lightkeeper said:

I happened to come across this thread, I have slowly moved away from them over the years because of a few CS issues that I wasn't happy with, but still used their Mistletoe as it is a great seller.  I am assuming that this one is changed also as it says reformulated.  Just realized I am almost out at the worse possible time of year!  Has anyone tried the new version of this or know of anything close to their old one?   I did see that AFI has their dupe of it.


I have used the mistletoe through this season and didn't smell a difference.

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On 9/22/2020 at 9:21 PM, MAE998 said:

I agree, the H&G reformulation has almost no throw and lacks depth. 

That’s so interesting. I used H&G this winter. It was so strong smelling ootb and I decided to use a 4% load. While making the candles I thought it was gross and so sickeningly sweet. However, after curing and while it was burning it smelled so good (and I hate cookie/sweet/food scents). I actually thought I had baked cookies.

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FYI: I spent hours this last week going thru all my CS 1oz-1lb bottles and checking past orders. Altho each FO page will tell you the date it was reformulated - if I click on the FO in my past orders a page will come up “discontinued” if I have the “old” formulation. Ended up with 15 sample bottles and 5-4 oz bottles. I’m hoarding my pound bottles of discontinued FO but if anyone is interested in trying to dupe - I’m in and will be happy to contribute. 

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