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My name is Chris Medeiros. I am a Gen: Baby Boomer just 2 years, 3 months and 23 days away from retiring. 🎉 My wife and I live in Northern California. We have 2 great kids and 7 wonderful Grandkids! 


I have been making soap for about 4 months now. So, I am quite the newbie. I became interested in soap making while 'researching' on the Internet, I ran across ordinary people on YouTube creating soap and loving it. Next thing I know, I'm stopping at soapmaker booths to look and purchase their handiwork. Inspired by those crafters, I decided to get into making soap.


My primary job right now is supporting computer users. It is a blessing for me to help people by resolving their computer issues. However, retirement is just a couple short years away and I'm ready to bless people by making soap for them instead.






You do not have to be a new member to introduce yourself.

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Hello @6WeekCure and welcome to Craft Server. I'm a candle maker but I know there are lots of soap makers on here and I'm sure they have lots of knowledge to share. Enjoy browsing the site. 😊


Some Helpful General Tidbits:

If you don't know about this free software already then you should try it out https://www.soapinventory.com/, it's awesome. I use it cause it also works with candle information and is so helpful. Even thought it's free I give the guy period donations because I'm so thankful for the software and database.


Shopping for supplies locally or near you to avoid high shipping costs - Suppliers By State


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