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Testing/Fixing Unflipped Palm Candles

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So, I was pouring my first batch of palm wax candles (NG container palm) after confirming that the system works safely, but then I was needed by my wife for several hours and was unable to monitor the candles in order to flip them.


I did not see anything wrong with them on first glance but I know that palm is notorious for pitting and other issues.   I realize that I can test them in order to find out if there are any gaps or pits, but what's the best way to go about actually fixing them after I find the issues?  Drill several holes and fill or something else entirely?

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It is much easier to poke and fill before lighting. If you hit a cavity when lit the wick will flare, then burn down to practically nothing. At that point you will need to either remove the wax above the wick nub, or excavate the wick altogether and try to stuff a new one in the candle.


I would use a long metal skewer or drill bit and make several decent width holes around the wick down the entire height of the candle, then fill with new hot wax. Sometimes the cavities cling to various points of the wick after the crust forms. 

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