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clary sage vs dalmation sage

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Which is more of the sage to you? Like the scent of the kind used in cooking. Clary seems more flowery to me and dalmation sort of bitter. I am having a hard time deciding which is more of the cooking sage note type. Lately I have just been using both together in EO combos for that note of sage. 


Would like others opinion of which you turn to for that sage note like the edible sage you use in cooking because my nose is having a hard time making that distinction.


I know dalmation needs to used sparingly. But that is not a problem as my EO combo needs just a hint of sage.

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2 hours ago, Dana said:

Dalmation Sage (Salvia officinalis) is the type used for cooking, so I would recommend that. HTH

I was really leaning towards the dalmation. It does smell more like the cooking herb. Just can't get past that bitter note. I suppose I will have to shop around and try other suppliers to see if I can find one that is speaks to me. Thanks!


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