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In case you are wondering what a $40 bar of soap looks like. Would like to know why this is worth $40? designer soap? gold in the soap? chocolate filled? french import? the ingredients aren't even listed.


Eau Du Soir Soap

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They are capturing the result of a Cult following of a super expensive perfume. 

soap is so not profitable for the amount of time and work involved. I would love to get $40 a bar. 

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Wow, $40 for a single bar of soap, I'm in the wrong business. I need to sell soap instead of candles. LOL. No matter how good it smells, I don't think I could force myself to buy a soap that expensive. But I agree, I'd love to be able to sell a bar of soap for $40 dollars. LOL. 😄 🧼*bubblebath*

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