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Tobacco + Vanilla suggestions


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Hi everyone! I have been looking for a while for a great Tobacco + Vanilla FO. I've tried 3 different FO from The Flaming Candle without success. Searched on Candle Science and they don't have any Tobacco FO. Any suggestions? 



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Last Xmas I found a  Xmas gift containing a Tobacco & Vanilla candle on my front porch....assuming it was from one of my neighbors because several other neighbors reported the same thing.


Way back when, I ordered Pipe Tobacco from Lone Star and didn't really like the scent but after burning the mystery candle and liking it, I decided to experiment:  I poured a candle using the Pipe Tobacco and added some vanilla (I don't remember which brand I used) and the candle scent came out pretty close to the mystery candle.)


Some times we have to create our own scents....kwim?


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