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Coconut 83 is out everywhere - what to do?

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As some of you might know, Coconut 83 wax is sold out EVERYWHERE. It's my own fault, but I waited too long and now I'm in a bit of a situation because I'm almost completely out and I blend a small amount of it with soy wax. I'm debating what to do. My options are put my shop on vacation until it is back in stock or just make my candles without it. I don't think I use enough to significantly affect burn but it would definitely affect the finished look and I'd have to retest my products. What would you do? 

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I don't pretend to be an expert on these kinds of logistical issues, but I think it makes sense to bite the bullet and try your products without it or use this opportunity to try a new wax.


Because it's not like this is unlikely to happen again.   Creating new products that don't rely upon the Coconut 83 helps you in the future should it go out of stock again (which seems likely to happen again).

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In total agreement with above.  Try it without. It may be ok.  Looks don’t mean as much to buyers as they do to us. 

this same problem has happened so many times many of us buckled up and looked for other waxes, and/or stock up hard when it is available again. The problem I had with easybeads (same wax supposedly as coco83) were variations between batches when it was available. You have to test either way, so might as well test now an make money now, no? 

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