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Aroma air freshener

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I have tried so hard to make these aroma bead cat scents work, but am having no luck.  Everything goes good and I wait till oil is all absorbed into the beads .  But the scent never lasts and you can barley smell anything one it is used in the car.  Please please help.  I’m trying to make my customers happy but I feel like no matter what I try I can’t get the smell to work.  

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5 hours ago, LisaDD said:

Are you curing your beads after they dry? I’ve read you need to continue to let them cure 7 days longer after absorbed

There are a lot of people that believe this helps but I've never found it to make a difference in my fresheners. I personally think once they're dry they're ready to bake.  But like you I've read this in different groups but just never felt like it made a difference. But who knows, we all get different results using the same things at times! What doesn't work for one might be the missing thing for someone else.

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You should be weighing everything.  The most common ratio is 4:1.  That means 4 ounces of beads and 1 ounce of oil.  I don't think you can fit very many in a 4 ounce jar unless you are just making enough for one air freshener.  You can reduce the weights.  If it is 1 ounce of beads just use .25 ounce of oil.  



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9 hours ago, Jan Greenwood said:

I've only just received them so just going to start to make them all up so they will be to cure.. I just want to know how much fo to put into each of the 4oz jars

Like pcbrook said you can't fit very many in a 4 ounce jar. I use polypropylene bags and plastic containers to mix mine in. Make sure the plastic has the number 5 on it (although I'm not sure if this really matters since Fragrance oils come in bottles that don't have a 5) but just to be safe. I mix 8:2 ratio. You will need a scale to measure the weight of the beads and FO. Shake them every day and when they're dry they're ready to bake.

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