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Rapeseed/ beeswax blend Wax

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Hi all,


Ive made some rapeseed wax candles recently but the top didn't settle completely flat once dried, it looks slightly bumpy if that makes sense (I've attached a photo below). Also the cling to the side of the glass jar is almost perfect besides some spots were it's a bit patchy. I pre heated my jars possibly slightly over the recommended 43 degrees before pouring the wax so maybe that has something to do with it?


I've let it cure for over 24 hours and today will be my test burn so I will come back with what I see in the next 4 hours!


Thanks for any help!


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I have just finished my 4 hour burn. 


The first 2 1/2 hours were great, the scent thrown was strong and the burn pool was pretty even. It started to struggle after 3 hours were I found the flame looked gradually smaller and the burn pool was then effected and created a slight crater. I am using TCR wicks from Supplies for Candles. I also used 10% FO in my rapeseed blend. I have been reading through other comments with similar problems and I think my problem is my FO percentage is too high?


I am going to do a burn test with just wax and my TCR wicks, no FO.

Also a separate test with 6% FO.


Any help would be appreciated !!

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