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First MP Soap Loaf


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I've never done a loaf of M&P before. It was fun. And I was able to remove it from the mold in about an hour and cut it. A BIG difference compared to CP soaps. Since it was still warm I was able to use my CP cutter. This may be even more addicting than CP soap.  


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2 hours ago, franu61 said:

Looks great!  What scent and base did you use?


Thanks! I used Stephenson’s base from CS. At first I didn’t like it because it didn’t bubble very well, but I found if I let the soap sit for a couple days the bubbles get much better. I guess it has to cure a little.

They are scented with Sea Minerals from CS. 

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Posted (edited)

Thanks! Layers are pretty easy. The embeds are a little tricky. You don't want the base too hot or too cold. Too hot will melt your embed, and too cool will have air pockets around the embed. Also make sure to use colors that won't bleed in the embeds. The green in these ended up bleeding into the white. 

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