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Wax flower question

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Hello everyone,

I have been seeing some beautiful wax flowers online recently, they seem to be big overseas. I have searched online for some tutorials on these and have found a few but none in English. I am curious if anyone has done anything like this and if so my big question is what is the best wax to use? I am talking hand forming them not using a mold. 



Karen in MA

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I found some with English subtitles.  It looks like it's soft paraffin that they are using.  It looks like key is to keep it warm while working with the wax.








This one she mixed paraffin with gel wax.



This one is called wax tablet made with soy wax & dried flowers.  Lots of pictures so easy to understand.









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@BusyBee  Thank you for the links. In regards to the wax tablet one you posted has anyone made these? I do not get the point of them as from what I have seen they are not made for melters but more like a sachet. I would be very worried about them melting and making a huge mess.


Karen in MA

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Wax tablet are function mostly as sachet in Asian countries like Korea, Japan, Thailand, etc.  I haven't got to do any wax tablets yet(maybe never will), but instead I make fragrant clay figurines.  It can be used in cars or homes.  I thought these were better & easier to make.  I bought molds from Korea.





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Here are two links on how to make scented clay figurine in case anybody is interested in that subject.



*It's in Korean without English subtitle, but video itself will explain.



*Another Korean site with English translate function.


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